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My Summer Holiday so far

My holiday started off great with the message that I passed my first year at UCG. I worked very had this year to get great results, and it definitely paid off. To be honest, it felt quite weird at the beginning of the vacation; no more deadlines, no more work that had to be done. At the beginning I was sometimes scared that I forgot about something, but no, the year had finished and a well-deserved break had begun.

In the first few weeks of the vacation I showed people around at UCG. the people were mostly very excited and I met some people that will start this September with their studies at UCG. It was great to meet them, and moreover, I kind of shared their excitement to start here since I had the same feeling before I started at UCG. Not only have I met the people that will start here, I also met people that will begin with their studies here next year. It was great to see how people got more and more excited about UCG. This was already a nice start of my vacation.

After this I went on a holiday myself, and here I could totally relax. I spent two weeks of my vacation in Portugal. Portugal is my favorite country; the people are nice, the weather is nice, and the food is great. Every year we go to a place called Viana do Castelo and here we surf. One of the things that always surprises me when I’m in Portugal is how different it is from the Netherlands. It is only about two hours by flight, but it seems like a different world to me. One year ago we even had a moment where there was no internet connection in the whole region (can you even imagine?!).  Something that I noticed this year was that I wasn’t so surprised by the difference in culture anymore. While last year it seemed so strange to me that the people in Portugal would start their dinner around 21.00, it seemed natural to me this year. I have the feeling that living together in Frascati has impacted my view on the different cultures. It was very normal there that I started cooking dinner around 17.30, and that my roommates would start cooking hours later to have their dinner. It was just funny to notice what the sharing of cultures at UCG has brought.

After two nice weeks of relaxing and surfing in Viana, I returned to Eindhoven airport by plane (after first going to an endless fight with my cabin luggage bag to fill it up with all the stuff I thought I needed, which apparently was way too much). When I returned in the Netherlands I had to have the same struggle with my bag again, since this Sunday morning, the 6th of August, I will be leaving with a fellow UCG’er in order to go to the festival Sziget in Budapest. Here we will meet op with some other people from UCG and we will make a nice little camp at the island. Sziget is one of the largest festivals in Europe and it is one week of partying and fun activities. Last year almost half a million people showed up! We will stay at a camping on the island Sziget, which is part of the festival area. Actually the whole island is. I’m staying in Budapest for two weeks, so that me and my friend can also see a little bit of Budapest before and after the parties. But before we’re at the party we first will have to do an 20 hour train ride to Budapest, called the Sziget express. In this train there are already compartments of the train especially designed for parties, so I think that will be a great experience! When we return we will have two weeks to recover from this adventure and then our second year at UCG will begin. I’m looking forward to all of this.

I hope you’re also having a great holiday!

Best wishes,



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