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“Far-away” Groningen

If you’re doubting UCG, or your family/friends are doubting you going to UCG, it should definitely not have to do with its relative distance to other Dutch cities. This is why: I started at the RUG 3 years ago, together with maybe two or three others from the 140 students in my high school year.… Continue reading “Far-away” Groningen

Student life

How to make your UCG life more than UCG

Some 2 weeks ago I helped out on UCG’s open day. Talking to various potential new students, the question by far most asked was: will I have enough time to do stuff outside of UCG? UCG, with its high-intensity education and rule of passing all courses in the first year, might sound like the most… Continue reading How to make your UCG life more than UCG

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Canada – The Count Down

While I am writing this, I am sitting on the ground floor of the McLennan library. There are people all around me, working hard. This is a noticeable difference from the empty hall I was in at 9 am last Saturday morning. Today there is a palpable tension in the air. I guess this is… Continue reading Canada – The Count Down

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Graduation week Class of 2017

By Marieke van Beek After months of preparation, it was finally time for the first graduation week of the class of 2017! On Sunday, the week kicked off with a potluck at Iris her place and everyone brought something to eat and to drink. During dinner, the graduation week committee gave everyone their UCG class… Continue reading Graduation week Class of 2017

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Studying a Language for Free

At University College Groningen, students get the opportunity to learn a language via the World Language Programme. UCG cooperates with the World Language Programme and therefore it is offered to learn various languages for free, for UCG students. Currently, you can choose to study Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish. Next year, UCG will expand by also… Continue reading Studying a Language for Free