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What I love most about UCG

  My first year at UCG is almost over, and I have experienced a lot this year. I will give you an overview of what I liked the most about UCG in this year.   Atmosphere When you walk into the faculty of University College Groningen, you immediately notice the nice atmosphere in the building.… Continue reading What I love most about UCG

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A Day in the Life of First Year Student Josien Scholing

One of the most frequently asked questions when I tell someone about my study is “so what so you actually do? What do you actually study?” This makes sense, since the concept of Liberal Arts and Sciences has only existed in The Netherlands for a decade. To answer the question, I often explain the general… Continue reading A Day in the Life of First Year Student Josien Scholing

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Living in Frascati – UCG Student Housing

  This blogpost was written by Lea-Claire Tersou, one of our first year student ambassadors Accommodation, when arriving to a country as a complete foreigner, is an essential component to happy and successful studies. I was initially skeptical of living in a residence with several people, as I had spent already 3 years in boarding… Continue reading Living in Frascati – UCG Student Housing

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Living Internationally

My Name is Maximilian, first-year student of UCG. My studies have started since I moved here from Vienna this summer. I enjoyed many classes and activities in the city of Groningen. I’ve met many people – professors and students alike- with interesting knowledge and stories. The greatest experience that I’ve had so far, and still… Continue reading Living Internationally


The Beautiful City: Groningen

Hello Reader, Groningen is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands with almost 200,000 inhabitants. More than 1/4 of those inhabitants is student. This makes Groningen a vibrant and youthful city. History In the 13th century, Groningen was an important trade centre. However, the most influential period was the late 15th century. During… Continue reading The Beautiful City: Groningen